Photo: Joe Gerth/Twitter

Ted Cruz is back in the horse race, and this time it’s even more torturous than the last.

Having lost in a debilitating defeat in Indiana, the ex-presidential candidate was spotted at the 142nd Kentucky Derby on Saturday, presumably reveling in watching someone else’s suffering for once. The AP reported that Cruz would not reveal his pick for the weekend:

For a change, Ted Cruz didn’t have much to say. Not even a pick for the Kentucky Derby.

Days after suspending his presidential campaign, the Texas senator showed up with his wife at Churchill Downs.

He got off the elevator at The Mansion, the track’s most exclusive section near Millionaires Row.

Cruz even declined an interview, according to a reporter from The Louisville Courier-Journal.

To be fair, it’s probably best to keep quiet about your pick, Ted. Why bet twice on a losing horse?