Yesterday evening, for at least the second time in his presidential campaign, Ted Cruz failed miserably when trying to deliver a lighthearted quip to a child.

The scene: Goldfield, Iowa, schoolhouse town hall. The questioner: a boy with an interest in politics, age unknown. The joke, via the New York Times:

Mr. Cruz, responding to the question of a boy with an interest in politics, began discussing the example of healthcare policy. “Take Obamacare,” he said, pausing before the punch-line. “Please, take Obamacare.” Modest laughter followed.

“Sorry, a little Benny Youngman,” Mr. Cruz said...The boy looked back at him.

Ah yes, just the kind of Catskills humor the youngsters like to text to each other on their Snapchats. Mr. Youngman’s first name, by the way, is Henny.


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