Photo: AP

Ted Cruz isn’t one to shy away from cheesing up the campaign trail, but today the presidential hopeful failed to deliver.

The Wall Street Journal reports that during a tour of the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday, Cruz was asked to don a foam cheesehead, the headware of choice for fans of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers.

Cruz attempted to refuse the hat while remaining in Wisconsinites’ good graces.

“I think the people of Wisconsin wear their cheeseheads so powerfully, that I would not presume to intrude in the elegance with which the people of Wisconsin wear those hats,” Cruz said.

Cruz has a very comfortable lead in Wisconsin over Donald Trump—up by between 43 and 37 percent according to the most recent polls. Perhaps this is why Cruz felt that wearing the hat was an option.

During the tour, Cruz was also asked to name his favorite kind of cheese. In March, Cruz revealed to US Weekly that cheese is his favorite food, so this was something of a softball question.

Cruz—demonstrating once again that he realizes he’s running for president—replied that he enjoys them all.

“I like cheese on cheese,” Cruz concluded.