Poor, sweet, sagging Ted Cruz. The man who can barely get members of his own party to listen to him when he speaks in New York got thoroughly trounced by Donald Trump and John Kasich on Tuesday. Cruz’s showing was so bad in one part of Brooklyn that he only netted one single vote. Oh, wait—hold on just a second—it looks like Cruz actually won that precinct.

A New York Times interactive map of the primary results shows Cruz taking northeastern corner of Greenpoint. And, as Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall notes, he only did it because literally no one turned up to vote for the other guys.

More than anything, Ted’s massive victory in Greenpoint shows just how left-leaning New York City is, aside from a few Republican strongholds like South Brooklyn and Staten Island. According to the Times map, there were only 106,906 total votes cast for the entire Republican field—less than a third of what Bernie Sanders alone got, and he lost.

Donald Trump also managed to squeeze out a single vote-victory, in the slice of Bed Stuy bordered by Flushing Avenue to the north, Myrtle Avenue to the south, Nostrand Avenue to the east, and Spencer Street to the west.

Screenshot: New York Times

These one-vote precincts don’t even represent the lowest of the low for the Republicans in NYC. My Bed Stuy polling place—and plenty of other precincts all over the city—didn’t cast a single Republican vote at all.

h/t Josh Marshall