Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is a racist homophobe who has advocated marrying 15-year-old girls. He is also, per the title of the YouTube embedded above, a “Cruz Commander,” which means that Robertson has officially endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for President.

For a brief period, Robertson was the national face of self-righteous hatred (now often referred to as “religious freedom”). In 2013, after his comments to Drew Magary in GQ about the deviance of gays and their anus-loving ways scandalized liberals, A&E suspended Robertson from Duck Dynasty, only to reinstate him nine days later. By then, bigots like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee had decried A&E’s decision to turn its back on someone who was merely, to hear them spin it, exercising his freedom of speech. Thus Duck Dynasty became the new Chick-Fil-A.

And now, Phil Robertson is to Ted Cruz as Lena Dunham is to Hillary Clinton. In the last two years, Duck Dynasty’s ratings have plummeted, which makes Robertson’s endorsement especially pathetic, but on the plus side, his endorsement video gifted us with the iconic image of Cruz atop this post.

[h/t Chris Moody]