Canadian citizenship never befitted Ted Cruz, a man who's made it his mission to put the 'merica back in America since his election to the Senate last year.

Now, he's rid of it. Cruz, who was born in Calgary to a Cuban father and an American mother, began working to officially renounce the Canadianism he was granted at birth when his dual citizenship became public last year. This week, in the words of his press secretary, it's official, y'all.

Why turn his back on Canada? Aside from the essential weakness of our neighbors to the north — they're notoriously friendly! They have universal health care! — he may have presidential ambitions to consider.

Not that Canadian citizenship would legally stand in the Tea Party-friendly Texas senator's way — as the son of an American, Cruz qualifies as a "natural-born citizen" — but we know how unfriendly Americans can be to a president whose Americanness is at all in dispute. Take Ted's father, for instance, who'd like to send Barack Obama "back to Kenya."

[Image via AP]