A while ago I wrote a story about Reddit Island, an effort organized on Reddit to buy a private island and create a real-life Galt's Gulch. While Reddit Island hasn't moved past the "posting things on Reddit" stage, the geek dream of colonizing isolated chunks of land surrounded by water is alive and well.

Yesterday, a guy named Tynan, a founder of blogging start-up SETT, announced on his blog that he and 10 friends had bought an island in Canada, off the coast of Nova Scotia. They found the island on Privateislandsonline.com, which is a real website that actually does sell islands, and not the invention of a SNL sketch.

Tynan writes:

Right now we have a fun place to camp and explore, but I hope that some day our little island becomes a retreat where we can go work, read, or get away from the city. Further down the road I hope it can be like a private summer camp for our families. There's also been some talk of holding a really awesome workshop/event there with some of our blogger/tech friends.

Tynan is one of those ubergeeks always at the cutting edge of whatever tech-savvy dudes are fixated with now. Back in the day he was a famous pick-up artist called "Herbal," and was a main character in Neil Strauss' The Game. He wrote a book called Make Her Chase You. He's since given up the PUA lifestyle and become a dedicated minimalist. Apparently he's lived in his RV since 2006, and shows off all the stuff he can fit in tiny backpacks in YouTube videos.

Now, Tynan has bought an island (for "between 10k and 100k") one of the most-cherished fantasies of libertarian geeks everywhere. The news blew up on the virtual tech industry watercooler Hacker News, full of well-wishes, spats of jealousy and hints from other private island-owners. Of course, it's the top post on the Reddit Island subreddit, where one of the 10 partners in the island weighed in as well. Now that Tynan and his crew has succeeded where Reddit Island failed, I think it's fair to say he is officially King of The Tech Geeks.

Congratulations, Tynan. Please convince all pickup artists in the world to move to the island with you.