A Democratic congressman from California who spent 23 years teaching British literature decided to go old school on Republican lawmakers who oppose the comprehensive immigration reform bill — by grading a letter they wrote to House Speaker John Boehner expressing their position on the matter.

Mark Takano, who incidentally is the first non-white openly gay member of Congress and whose parents spent time in a "War Relocation Camp" during WWII, took issue with the draft letter that's been circulating in Congress, and decided to treat it as he would any poorly thought-out essay handed in by an underperforming student, complete with remarks made with the dreaded red pen.

"I thought I'd offer my edits to the author before they submitted their final version," Takano wrote on his Tumblr blog, where he posted the graded paper. "Still not signing it."

The letter, co-signed by 21 Republicans so far, was penned by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), whose office had this to say about Takano's F:

This embodies everything that is wrong with Washington — rank partisanship and pettiness while posturing oneself as above the fray and superior.

Which demands yet another red remark: Are you referring to Takano or to yourself?

[H/T: Geekosystem, image via Tumblr, photo via Wikimedia]