Back in April, a high school in Florida fired its English teacher after learning that she was moonlighting as an "eyecandy model" for an obscure promotion company called XXXTremeVisionRadio.

Though she had only done a few typical glamour model shoots under an assumed identity, Olivia Sprauer was nonetheless canned on the spot and escorted off Martin County High School grounds by security.

Following her termination, Sprauer told WPTV she planned to pursue a modeling career and eventually go to graduate school.

A lot has changed since then.

For one thing, Sprauer's name, which is now officially Victoria James.

Though she still seems to be intent on getting her master's degree, James has definitely changed her mind about her modeling career path.

"I get asked a lot of I'm going to do adult film or erotic photographs, and I'm not," she told WPBF in May. "I haven't and I don't plan on it."

That same month, she clarified that statement in an interview with Huffington Post. "I don't do spread-eagle shots for the camera, so I don't think Hustler is going to work out," she said.

So much for that.

"If getting naked betters my life, that's a positive thing for me," James is quoted as saying in a statement announcing her upcoming 14-page spread in the august hardcore porn publication Hustler.

Posting a preview of the cover on her Facebook page, James added, "comes out Xmas Eve!"


[photos via Facebook]