In a case that launched a thousand Breaking Bad headlines, an IT teacher at a secondary school in Wales was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison after detectives discovered a sophisticated drug lab worth nearly $1.5 million in his house. He was caught with around $13,000 of cocaine at the time of his arrest.

When he wasn't teaching computer classes, Macphallen Kuwale ran a wholesale coke operation out of his Cardiff home, and was also "involved in street level dealing," South Wales Police said.

Kuwale had accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cutting agents and a pressing machine that gave his coke the appearance of higher-grade product. He also had a phone that he used to arrange deals through coded texts under the alias "Mac." (It's no "Heisenberg," but it apparently got the job done.)

Unsurprisingly, the revelation that Kuwale was moonlighting as a druglord worked against him in a school hearing about whether he should keep his teaching license. He's been banned for life, and has 28 days to appeal.

[H/T: Metro]