Taylor Swift, gardener and cat enthusiast, killed you Sunday when she visited a 7-year-old cancer patient and offered to sing him any song he wanted, or just do some of her favorite things, like playing with Play-Doh or talking about Spider-Man or whatever. Authorities say the cause of your death was drowning in a flood of your own tears.

The incident started when Taylor warmly greeted Jordan Nickerson, a brave young boy who has Williams Syndrome and is now battling leukemia in a Boston hospital. It escalated as Taylor helped Jordan decide what song he wanted to hear, while you considered all the challenges he's gone through at such a young age.

Medical examiners placed your time of death at around 5:05 in this video, when Taylor reached the chorus of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and Jordan started singing along at the top of his little lungs.

Police informed your family of your passing while Taylor and Jordan hugged. Afterward, they played a friendly game of air hockey.

You will be missed.

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