Billy Eichner, greatest man-on-the-street interviewer of his generation, is such a big fan of Taylor Swift that he wrote a very emotional, perfectly Swiftian song for her to sing. But, because she hasn't (yet) agreed to perform "Glitter and Ribs," he just went ahead and did it himself on last night's Conan.

Tay-tay has experimented with self-deprecating humor and stalking her fans on Tumblr, and she's definitely aware of what people are saying about her (goes on too many dates, can't make 'em stay, &c.), so it's not entirely impossible that she might one day sing a song about heartbreak, grilling, and having a heart like a horse.

Taylor, if you're googling yourself right now: Do it, please. And definitely leave the yelling at the audience part in.

[h/t BroBible]