Hey, what's up—how are are you doing? Probably normal/regular type of feeling, that's cool; Taylor Swift too. She covered her phone in cat stickers. All manner of cats, such as: sleepy cat, little cat, look up cat, back cat, de-cat-pitated cat, and cat giving another cat a little smooch as if to say, "I don't care about money; I know the real you and I love you and I'm going to hold your head in my paws and kiss you forever." You ever wish a cat could call you on the phone or would that be a weird wish to have?

Taylor Swift's supermodel friend Karlie Kloss recently joked to Us Weekly that Taylor Swift has "No time for boys!" because she's been traveling. Karlie Kloss also told Us that she's been traveling. Karlie Kloss has a boyfriend, though. He's a Kushner.

Cat phone!

[Images via Instagram / Getty]