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In the wake of an exuberant Today appearance, Kate Gosselin plus eight Gosselins are careening back to television next month, for a two-hour TLC special that answers the question: what would Game of Thrones look like if you preserved the exhausting parade of complex, acrimonious power struggles, but made two-thirds of the participants 10-year-olds? Also, what if it were set against the backdrop of the scenic Keystone state?

In this new promo clip for the special, Kate notifies her children that the family has "fun things" planned for Spring Break. It's a promise that reads like a punishment, particularly when 1/8th pleads "No, no fun things!" in response. A brief argument ensues, culminating in Kate offering her daughter, in a theatrical moment worthy of RuPaul's Drag Race, what she refers to as her "last redemption." Then Kate accuses 13-year-old Mady of stomping back to her seat, which Kate says causes her to feel as though she is shaking, like this:

Then she confiscates her cellphone.

"I got those girls cellphones and iPads so that I could take them away," Kate says to the camera, with a hunter's gleam in her eye. "Yes, indeedy."

Family patriarch Jon Gosselin, who has been absent from Twitter after tweeting this in 2009...

...will also be absent from the special. He does continue to follow Twitter one user: Emeril Lagasse.

For more found footage of life behind the walls of the forgotten Gosselin autocracy, tune into TLC June 19th at 10 p.m.