The Fake "Union of White NYU Students" Is Still Insisting That It's Real

Brendan O'Connor · 11/25/15 11:55PM

Yesterday, Breitbart Tech published a story claiming to debunk earlier reports that “white student union” pages that had popped up on Facebook over the weekend were a hoax. “People held out to talk to Breitbart because we knew that they are a respectable organization that would protect the privacy of the individuals involved,” the administrator of the NYU page wrote to me in a Facebook message.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/22/14 09:24AM

Grad student employees at NYU's engineering school (annual cost: $49,315) get paid as little as $10 an hour, and they are not happy about it. Of course, it could be worse.

NYU Student Stuck Between Two Buildings Saved by James Franco

J.K. Trotter · 11/05/13 03:28PM

19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau is counting his blessings. Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh native fell from the roof of his Tribeca dorm, where he had been drinking, into the terrifyingly narrow space between the dorm and the adjacent building on Lafayette Street—and wasn’t discovered, thankfully alive, until 36 hours later. How did he survive the ordeal? His mother told told Trevor Kapp at DNAInfo that actor and NYU grad James Franco played a role:

Spike Lee Amends "Essential Film List" to Include Women-Directed Works

Camille Dodero · 08/20/13 03:00PM

Spike Lee, a very accomplished New York film director and NYU professor, has spent a substantial part of this summer promoting a Kickstarter campaign he'd launched to crowdsource a $1,250,000 budget for his vaguely defined next movie. (On Friday, his $1.25-million goal was met.) One of the ways he'd drummed up publicity for the project was by releasing the academic list of essential movies he considers "the greatest films ever made," a slugsheet of cinematic titles he'd routinely hand out on the first day of class, which we published here.

Here Is Spike Lee's List of the Greatest Films Ever Made

Camille Dodero · 07/29/13 05:45PM

Spike Lee, the very accomplished director, producer, and Madison Square Garden defender, has been a film professor at NYU for the last 15 years. Every semester on the first day of class, the former Harvard instructor distributes a list of essential movies he considers "the greatest films ever made," cinematic titles he deems required education for all aspiring directors. Now, Professor Lee has entrusted this academic canon to the electronic world.

As NYU's Tuition Soars, NYU Employees Leave with Seven-Figure Parting Gifts

Cord Jefferson · 03/04/13 05:06PM

It's nice work if you can quit it. An article from yesterday's New York Times goes into the shameful and mysterious phenomenon that is New York University's bloated financial gifts to people who willingly resign from the school. There was, for instance, Jacob Lew, a former NYU executive vice president (and the new Treasury Secretary), who got almost $700,000 after leaving NYU and joining Citigroup in 2006. After Lew came Harold Koplewicz, the psychiatrist who quit the NYU Medical Center on his own accord and yet was still paid a $1.2 million lump sum in the 2009-10 fiscal year.