Cop Has Problem

Marina Galperina · 05/23/16 11:30AM

A decorated NYPD officer, who beat up a woman in 2014 while “sleepwalking” in his underwear, was charged with a DWI after the vehicle he was driving crashed into three parked cars and rolled over early Sunday morning. The officer suffered minor injuries and was arraigned last night and released on his own recognizance.

NYPD Protecting New York City’s Most Vulnerable: Tourists

Brendan O'Connor · 05/19/16 12:30PM

On Wednesday, police arrested more than a dozen people who were allegedly selling tourists fake tickets for ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty. The ferries, police said, never actually stopped at the Statue of Liberty, but rather circled New York Harbor before docking again.

City Freezes Contracts with Volunteer Orthodox Security Force Implicated in NYPD Corruption Probe

Brendan O'Connor · 04/21/16 07:38AM

The ongoing federal investigation into corruption in the NYPD expanded this week, as the chief financial officer of an Orthodox volunteer security force was arrested Sunday. He is accused of bribing officers in the NYPD’s Licensing Division to exchange for handgun permits. The mayor’s office has frozen two City Council grants, totaling $35,000, allocated to the organization.

Defense Attorneys Seek Retrial for Ex-Cop Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Saying Juror Lied About Father's Conviction

Brendan O'Connor · 04/14/16 07:20AM

Earlier month, attorneys for ex-NYPD cop Peter Liang, who, in February, was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Akai Gurley, filed a motion arguing that Juror No. 9, Michael Vargas, should not have been allowed on the panel. His estranged father, it turns out, served time for manslaughter. Vargas also made a number of anti-cop comments on Facebook.

Head of NYPD Civilian Review Board Resigns One Day After Being Sued By His Own Director

Andy Cush · 04/13/16 04:57PM

The chair of New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent government agency tasked with reviewing complaints against the NYPD, announced his resignation today. The news comes one day after the CCRB’s executive director filed a lawsuit him, alleging that he referred to her and other female employees as “pussies” and “[trampled] on the rights of and [retaliated] against those who complain about his misogynistic views.”

Mayor de Blasio Is Having a No-Good, Very Bad Day

Helen Holmes · 04/11/16 06:15PM

In the wake of appearing on camera to butcher a stale and distinctly unfunny race joke with an extremely high profile candidate for the most important office in the United States of America, mayor Bill de Blasio has been dealt yet another unlucky card today. And it’s only Monday!

NYPD's Blowhard Union Boss Is Feeling a Little Scared and a Little Confused

Andy Cush · 04/05/16 10:10AM

Let’s look at a few recent headlines published yesterday and today about crime in New York City. “New York City just recorded its fewest shootings ever,” reads a Fusion article from this morning, which aggregated the Huffington Post’s report, “New York City Murder Rate Drops To Historic Low.” Police magazine, however, took a different approach: “NYPD Union Chief Blames ‘Anti-Police Atmosphere’ for Rise in Shootings, Slashings.”