In Basic Heaven, It's Standing Room Only: Lauren Conrad's NYFW Debut

Kelly Conaboy and Allie Jones · 09/11/15 09:55AM

In 2008, Lauren Conrad (of Laguna Beach, Calif.) made her runway debut at L.A. Fashion Week with the Lauren Conrad Collection, a now-defunct line she said was inspired by “a trip to Paris.” It was so panned by the press—New York called it “sad” and “bizarre”—that LC never attempted a fashion show again.

Do Not Disappoint Marc Jacobs

Jason Parham · 08/25/15 02:27PM

Designer and Occasional Thirst Trap Marc Jacobs is hosting a party during New York Fashion Week for the release of Gloss, a new book about the work of famed 1970s photographer Chris von Wangenheim. Invitations, which were recently sent out, detailed—in ALL CAPS!— Jacobs’ absurd dress code requirements.

The Emperor's New Clothes: On Kanye West, Fashion Designer of Dope Shit™

Jason Parham · 02/16/15 05:30PM

Let's, for one minute, forget that Kanye West is a platinum-selling, chart-topping music artist who has released six highly regarded solo albums in the last decade (to say nothing of his recording broship with Jay Z, production work on various rap and R&B albums, and outsized influence on popular culture). I want to talk about Kanye West, Fashion Designer of Dope Shit™. I've previously considered Kanye's multitudes and his import as a public figure on Gawker—he's "helped to unsettle this idea of how a black man should act or talk or love when others are watching"—but the New York Fashion Week debut of Yeezy Season 1, his first Adidas Originals collection, warrants examination once again, of both the designs and the designer.

Miley Cyrus Wore Ice Cream Cone Pasties to Alexander Wang's NYFW Party

Zara Golden · 09/07/14 08:50PM

Life's all no shirt, no problems when you're Miley Cyrus. Last night, the pop star-cum-provocateur arrived at Alexander Wang's super secret New York Fashion Week after-party in Bushwick naked from the waist up, save for a set of tasseled ice cream cone pasties and a pair of plastic pill covered cat-eye sunglasses (see above). She greeted the designer with a friendly open-mouthed kiss, then proceeded to twerk, toke and 'gram the night away. It was, she claims, the "Best night eva." And we'd believe it.

New York Fashion Weavz: Fashion's Night Awk

Caity Weaver · 09/06/13 09:25AM

It is two nights ago—Wednesday, September 4, 2013—around 8:15 p.m. At this precise moment, you are enjoying yourself, conservatively, one thousand million times more than Kate Upton is. I know this, because I am in the same room as Kate Upton, and a man she does not know is bellowing at her to tell the hundreds of people seated around her what she would do if she had a penis. Kate Upton and I are at the 2013 Style Awards.

Oh, the Attenuated Humanity: Sitting In On a New York Fashion Week Model Casting

Rich Juzwiak · 02/11/13 06:15PM

Approaching today, the first anniversary of the death of Whitney Houston, I have been thinking about the way the pop star voiced her displeasure with her career during the last 10 years of her life. She became increasingly irritated by the attention she received, ranting about it in song and on reality TV. She was sick of sharing her amazing gift with the world, a gift that she neglected over time by smoking things like cigarettes, marijuana, and cocaine. She had been one of the most famous, most objectively talented people in the world and she got sick of it.

New York Fashion Weavz: Ain't No Party Like a Pussy Party

Caity Weaver · 09/13/12 10:30AM

My friend Chaia and I are sitting on a low brick wall on the patio of a club in the West Village. An inebriated young man, late twenties, early thirties, introduced himself to me a few seconds ago as a representative from "the office of Chris Christie." I have just asked the inebriated young man why a representative from the office of New Jersey's Republican governor is attending a Fashion Week party being thrown by OK! Magazine in the West Village on a Monday night.

New York Fashion Weavz: The Shows

Caity Weaver · 09/11/12 05:05PM

Here is Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek as explained by a construction worker across the street from Lincoln Center yesterday, on whom I eavesdropped because I was too scared to talk to anyone else:

Socialite Keels Over in the Middle of a Fashion Show in the Front Row

Brian Moylan · 02/16/12 11:15AM

Zelda Kaplan, the hard-partying 95-year-old socialite who has been a fixture of the New York scene since the '60s, collapsed right in the middle of the Joanna Mastroianni fashion show at Lincoln Center yesterday, just as the second model walked past her. She was later pronounced dead. This is the first time a fashion show has literally been deadly boring.

How to Sneak Backstage at a Fashion Week Show

Adrian Chen · 02/13/12 06:04PM

Not many people want to go to fashion shows, but even fewer end up getting invited. Thus, the art of sneaking into shows at New York Fashion Week is perennially well-documented, to the point that one suspects bloggers are paid to sneak into fashion shows to give a fashionable air of danger to the whole enterprise. So let's go further, shall we? Let's go backstage.

What's the Big Fuss About Fashion Week Anyway?

Brian Moylan · 02/13/12 03:13PM

To many people outside of New York, fashion shows are full of glamorous people, gorgeous models, and mouth-watering clothing. They think of the goodie bags, the celebrities, and that warm fuzzy feeling you must get on the inside knowing you're part of the elite. Sorry to tell you, but it's never really like that.

Fashion Week Goes Off into the Sunset

Brian Moylan · 09/15/11 05:09PM

That soft galloping you hear is the clack of a million pairs of high heels marching off into the distance. Yes, fashion week is ending. And while we'll miss our time in its glamorous thrall, we think we'll survive until February.

The Fashion Week Train Is Still Careening Toward Destruction

Brian Moylan · 09/14/11 05:05PM

Like a runaway train on a runaway track, Fashion Week is still hurtling into the horizon, wrecking everything in its path. Well, it's at least littering it with sequins and empty champagne bottles. Let's look at today's flotsam and jetsam.

It's Still Fashion Week and It Is Still Amazing

Brian Moylan · 09/13/11 04:40PM

You may not give a flying caftan that it's still Fashion Week, but all the very fashionable people and retail stores and models and kids who go to FIT care, so we have to appease them with some photos of the goings on, don't we? Yes, we certainly do.

The Noxious Glamor of Fashion Week Continues

Brian Moylan · 09/12/11 03:07PM

That wonderful scent of stale champagne and hairspray haze you smell is the waft aroma from the continued residence of New York Fashion Week at the tents in Lincoln Center. What did the models, designers, celebrities, and assorted mayhem makers get up to today. Let's look.