Dayna Evans · 11/02/14 03:37PM

Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany, both of Kenya, were the male and female winners at the New York City Marathon today, clocking in at 2h10m55s and 2h25m7s respectively. Better luck next year to everyone else who is not superhumanly fast.

Jesus Runs

Lacey Donohue · 11/03/13 07:11PM

[With bib number 55-970 affixed to His cross, New-York based photographer Makoto Takeuchi ran Sunday’s ING NYC Marathon sans shoes on the dirty city streets. Photo by brigettebgood via Instagram]

The NYC Marathon: Celebrities, Cheaters, Sluffers, and Winners

Foster Kamer · 11/01/09 08:45PM

Did you know an American won this year's NYC Marathon? Who gives a shit! Celebrities ran. How did Edward Norton, Alanis Morissette, Anthony "Goose" Edwards, Mario Batali's Partner-In-Crime, model Tara Costa, and others do? And what other wackiness transpired? Updated!

Discount Sushi for Bruni, A New Spot for Todd English?

cityfile · 10/29/08 02:38PM

♦ Frank Bruni rather appropriately surveys two "affordable" sushi spots in the Times today. Both Sushi Azabu and Kanoyama get one star apiece, but it's the latter that ultimately wins out: "The breadth of this restaurant's fish selection is thrilling." [NYT]
♦ Stephane Dorian's long-awaited 10 Downing is finally opening tonight for friends and family. It'll open up for everyone else in the next two weeks. [Insatiable Critic via GS]
♦ Is Todd English planning to open a restaurant at 325 Bowery? [Zagat]