Gawker Giveaways: Collaged

Keenen Thompson · 02/25/11 04:00PM

Free art is hard to come by these days. Sometime as time consuming as a multi-piece collage would be pricey at a gallery. That is not the case here, at Gawker Giveaways! Today we'll be giving away two collage pieces from collage artist and photographer MaryLaura Mau.

Body World Ups Its Shock Game With Corpse Sex Show

Brian Moylan · 09/15/09 03:25PM

For a walking science book, the Body World exhibit and its ilk sure court a lot of controversy. In Europe, the bodies are now having sex and scandal has erupted once again.

Why Sarah Palin Needs Levi Johnston

Brian Moylan · 09/03/09 10:38AM

The PR push for Johnston's article in Vanity Fair started yesterday and people are already hating America's babydaddy and rooting for Sarah Palin. But her reality-television-turned-politics spectacle was getting stale and nothing reinvigorates an aging soap like a good rivalry.

Tech industry tired, no deals today

Nick Douglas · 11/01/06 11:07AM

After Tuesday's frenzy of industry news (Wired buys Reddit, Google buys JotSpot, Fortune picks a new editor, a video site goes public, Monday's looking quiet for the industry (apart from that bomb at eBay HQ). The New York Times tech page, for example, is all gadget stories with punny titles. Hell, the top story is gizmo columnist David Pogue's "look back" at a year that's only 5/6 over. Has anyone bought something bigger than a frickin' iPod today?

News notes: Here be one less monster

Nick Douglas · 10/30/06 02:23PM
  • The former CEO of Monster.com, who already stepped down from that post and as board chairman over the industry-wide stock option backdating scandal, just lost his seat on the board as well. Monster announced Andrew McKelvey's resignation from the board this morning. [Washington Post]

NY Times 'Google bomb' Was 3 Days Behind WebProNews

rabruzzo · 10/26/06 04:08PM

As reported early this morning on Valleywag, the NY Times did a half-ass job covering Google bombing of GOP candidates by liberal blog, MyDD (Direct Democracy). WebProNews writer Jason Miller emailed Valleywag to tell us he had covered this story almost 4 days ago. NY Times reporter Tom Zeller, Jr. did not cite WebProNews in his article with the standard "As first reported in...". Perhaps bloogers should Google bomb NY Times with the phrase 'Thieving Hack*'?

Liberals Drop The Google Bomb

rabruzzo · 10/26/06 11:00AM

NY Times files a scattershot report on liberal blogs 'Google bombing' GOP candidates for the upcoming elections. Reporter Tom Zeller Jr. does piss poor job explaining to readers what Google bombing is and why liberal blog myDD.com (my Direct Democracy) is guilty of gaming the search engine's algorythm.

Good News, The Bubble is Over

rabruzzo · 10/25/06 11:00AM

The NY Times took a break from glad handling Google to report after 10 years in business, the massive server farm Internap Network Services finally posted two whole quarters of profit. Congrats on not getting delisted from NASDAQ!