Jesus Luz, Please Shut Up

Brian Moylan · 12/01/10 03:03PM

The Post's totally superfluous Page Six Magazine comes out tomorrow with a cover story about Madonna's former boytoy Jesus Luz. The problem is no one wants to hear him talk. And when he does, he sounds like a fool.

Is Page Six Going to Hell Already?

Brian Moylan · 10/21/10 03:06PM

The New York Post's gossip column Page Six issued a correction today but it still hasn't caught two mistakes it made the day before yesterday. Is new editor Emily Smith really ready to take over the storied gossip column?

The Russian Jersey Shore Rip Off Is a Stupid Idea

Brian Moylan · 03/01/10 12:52PM

Since it was the most important sociological event of our time (and a ratings success) there will inevitably be dozens of new reality shows trying to rip it off. Just stop now. These are always horrible ideas.

Don't Go Making Snooki Over

Brian Moylan · 02/03/10 02:14PM

Fame has come for Snooki, and like any unconventional looking woman who's landed in the spotlight, someone feels the need to make over her image into one of bland conformity. This time it's Inside Edition and the results are frightening.