"NY Girl of My Dreams" Update: Fashion Icon!

Sheila · 07/28/08 11:08AM

You just heard about the breakup of Vimeo kid Patrick Moberg's famed subway crush with New York Girl of His Dreams Camille Hayton. But! She's ridden her 15 minutes past Good Morning America to the fashion pages of Bust magazine. Well, she does have great personal style! The articles lists her as an "actress/crafter" and makes no mention of subway l-u-v. Well, that's what we're here for!

Tragic "NY Girl Of My Dreams" Breakup Confirmed

Ryan Tate · 07/28/08 03:20AM

The passive-aggressive love story of Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg and his subway crush, Camille Hayton, has drawn to a close. The couple, you'll recall, met after Moberg spotted Hayton on the subway, then used his website to solicit help tracking her down. Romance bloomed, or seemed to. Rumors later swirled about a breakup, but then the couple was in a magazine for olds inspiring everyone with their love. But then someone ran into Hayton while she was waitressing and asked her about being the subway girl and she was all, "that was SUCH a long time ago" in her Australian accent. It sounded like a bad sign and, as it turns out, it was.

"NY Girl of My Dreams" Now Waitressing Incognito

Sheila · 04/17/08 11:27AM

A drawing of a girl seen on the subway, posted to illustrator and Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg's blog and titled "NY girl of my dreams," resulted in the two meeting, viral-marketing love on Good Morning America, and photographed for a Reader's Digest article on Valentine's Day. Maybe Patrick and the girl, Australian and former Blackbook intern Camille, have broken up by now. Maybe they haven't. But Camille is now waitressing in the East Village, her past unbeknowst to her co-workers. Until her cover got blown last night!

Patrick Moberg Is Now Big in the Heartland

Sheila · 01/29/08 01:20PM

"Just opened February large print Reader's Digest at the office," a tipster from Michigan informs us. (Actually, it was my Mom). "Article on Patrick Moberg and his subway find right there in large print. Other equally touching stories of love as well." Hah—the large print version of Reader's Digest, intended for Olds! So maybe the illustrator/webster and his Australian Blackbook-interning "girl of his dreams" haven't broken up, as previously rumored?