Paralyzed Professor's True-Life Nurse Blowjob Story Freaks College Out

Adam Weinstein · 06/17/15 10:40AM

Editors and contributors for a faculty bioethics journal at Northwestern University’s medical school say the administration tried to take editorial control and bury an essay in the winter issue by a prominent disabled professor graphically describing how a nurse helped him rediscover his sexuality.

18,000 Nurses Plan Strike Over Ebola Preparedness

Brian Feldman · 11/08/14 04:55PM

More than 18,000 nurses in California are planning to strike for two days beginning Tuesday over concerns about how prepared they are to deal with Ebola. According to Bloomberg News, the strike would affect 21 hospital and 65 clinics, all owned by Kaiser Permanente.

Man Fakes Disability to Fool Nurse Into Changing Adult Diaper

Max Read · 06/09/11 10:34PM

Police say 23-year-old Eric Carrier, of Hooksett, N.H., faked a brain injury in order to get his diaper changed by a nurse. Apparently, he placing an ad on Craigslist posing as the father of a brain-damaged son, luring an in-home nurse to his house so the nurse could "assess what type of care she needed to provide in the future."