The Best Emmys Speech of All Time Just Happened

Rich Juzwiak · 09/22/13 07:40PM

Here's Merritt Wever winning for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on Nurse Jackie. They should all be this short and this weird. None of them will be.

There Will Always Be True Blood

Richard Lawson · 08/11/11 04:57PM

Your favorite blood bath will continue on into the new year. Also today: Bobby Cannavale goes to the hospital, Jane Kaczmarek gets a gig, and Roseanne Barr might be coming back.

Showtime Does Lady Pain Just Right

Richard Lawson · 11/16/10 02:31PM

Last night's season finales of The Big C and Weeds demonstrated what HBO's oft-wayward younger brother does best. They make compelling, if ridiculous, drama about middle class women in precarious tight spots.

In Praise of Television's Bad Mothers

Brian Moylan · 09/01/09 11:39AM

While we weren't loving last night's uneven season finale of Weeds, we were loving Nancy Botwin's parenting skills—or lack thereof. Who wants to be raised by a boring stroller-pusher when you can have someone to bring the crazy?

Hung and Nurse Jackie: Shows We'll Warily Watch

Richard Lawson · 06/29/09 01:15PM

So who watched Hung last night? HBO's latest installment in its string of series depicting lives lived on the fringes of America is about a well-endowed gym teacher who becomes a gigolo to earn some extra cash. It was... good?

All the Summer TV You'll Need to Watch

Richard Lawson · 06/02/09 03:11PM

Summer is basically here. Your kids are more wild-eyed by the day, that tiny swimsuit seems tinier and tinier, and the television has begun to fizzle and fall quiet. Except it doesn't have to! There's so much summer television to be watched and absorbed. Why, enough for a listicle, even.