Legally Bound

Richard Lawson · 04/27/09 04:52PM

[Polygamy in Iowa! Kidding. Gary Seronko and his new husband (!!) Curtis Rathmeier are hugged by Rev. Peg Esperanza on the steps of the Polk County Administration Building in Des Moines, IA. Via Getty]

I Now Pronounce You Wiener and Wiener

Richard Lawson · 08/01/08 09:03AM

Awkward wedding bells are riiinging. Heather Matarazzo, from Welcome to the Dollhouse and other indies the Princess Diaries movies, has successfully proposed to her girlfriend. [Us]

Today in Gay Weddings: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

Richard Lawson · 07/23/08 03:20PM

It's the stylishest, middle-ageist, gayest wedding of the year! Homewear designer and Top Design judge Jonathan Adler ("see you later decorator!") will be marrying Barney's creative director Simon Doonan. "I always thought we were married, so I don't feel like celebrating the fact that the government's allowing me to think I'm married. It's more like paying a parking ticket," says Doonan, romantically, of the occasion. Oh! Oh! Maybe Tim Gunn and Thom Browne will be next. Sure they aren't dating and Thom may have a penchant for the youngs, but they're both stylish! And, um, middle-aged! [Towleroad] Photo via Times


Richard Lawson · 05/05/08 02:09PM

Abandon all hope, chronic masturbators. Scarlett Johansson will never be yours. Or at least not for the next couple of years. She and her Canadian pal Ryan Reynolds have gone and gotten an engagement. The talented singer, 23, and the proven box office draw, 31, will surely be together forever. [Us]