A Nun Just Totally Dominated Italy's Version of The Voice

Jay Hathaway · 03/21/14 11:11AM

Sicilian nun and part-time Alicia Keys Sister Cristina Scuccia blew away the judges on Italy's The Voice with a powerful rendition of Keys's hit "No One." And, because judges on the show vote without looking at the singer, we get to watch their faces as they turn around and see her dressed in a full habit.

Lacey Donohue · 01/01/14 12:37PM

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor late Tuesday temporarily blocked the Obama administration's enforcement of the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive coverage requirements for a small group of Catholic nuns. The government has until Friday to file a response in the case.

Why Does Joe Lhota Support the Murder of Nuns?

Tom Scocca · 09/24/13 04:02PM

Republican New York mayoral nominee Joe Lhota has brought a new, urgent issue to the fore in the race to be the next chief executive of the city: Where do the candidates stand on the Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980s?

In the Ultimate Fuck-You to Christmas, Santa Claus Beat Up a Nun on Last Night's American Horror Story

Rich Juzwiak · 12/06/12 12:45PM

Last night's American Horror Story went where even 1984's notorious, depraved and once-protested Santa slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night wouldn't: It featured a man in a Santa costume assaulting a nun, punching and whipping her in the ultimate S&M roleplay of secular and religious reasons for the season. The full scene, in which Deadwood's Ian McShane plays a maniac exacting his revenge to Jessica Lange's Sister Jude for keeping him in solitary confinement, is above. Usually American Horror Story, which is so fucking great and trashy this season, merely goes over the top: here it goes over the top and through the chimney.

Violent Nuns Busted for Growing Weed

Jeff Neumann · 06/11/10 12:26AM

Two Ugandan nuns, Sisters Nanteza and Rita, were arrested this week for growing weed on the grounds of their convent, which they told police was used for farm animals. Natenza attacked the officers for entering the convent without her permission.