Man Named Wiener Trying to Ban Public Nudity in San Francisco

Taylor Berman · 11/18/12 07:38PM

San Franciso is a city in which men and women are free to flaunt their respective junk in public without fear of arrest. America! What harm can a little dick or ass cause to a community if isn't swinging in your face or contaminating public seats? The answer is "a lot," according to perfectly named City Supervisor Scott Wiener.

Penises Exposed in Broad Daylight Becoming Less Cool in San Francisco

Cord Jefferson · 10/03/12 07:05PM

In 2008 I went to San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair with my then-girlfriend and saw the oddest instance of public nudity I'd ever come across. It was a guy in a mask who was naked from the waist down and sitting motionlessly in a doorway, ostensibly unperturbed by the thousands of people milling around about him. I was confused as to why someone might wear a T-shirt and socks but no pants or underwear, but the man himself didn't seem unsure of a thing. He didn't even move when another, younger man came out of the door he was obstructing, forcing the resident to quietly step over him as if he were the one doing something strange.

A Discussion with An Anonymous Nudist

Leah Beckmann · 08/27/12 10:45AM

The naturist community is a mysterious one. Participants frolic about their resorts, aging genitals exposed to the sun above and vending machines below, without a care in the world. But ultimately, we know very little about what goes on in nudist resorts and communities.

It's Nude Bathers Vs. Uniformed Officers On San Diego Beaches

Seth Abramovitch · 07/31/11 07:48PM

San Diego's San Onofre State Beach has long been a mecca for nudists looking for a genital-scorching day by the sea. But state park rangers have been cracking down on them lately, and the Camp Pendleton Marines Corps that leases the land to the state — and uses the neighboring Gold's Beach to train recruits in amphibious assault — has found itself dragged into the dispute, the LA Times reports.

America Desperately Needs More Young Naked People

Hamilton Nolan · 05/02/11 10:49AM

Of all the issues facing the naturist community, probably one of the biggest is they're all old and wrinkly now. The WSJ reports that the "nudist resort industry" is desperately seeking younger clientele. We need young naked bodies, at once!

Nudist Colony Reality Show in the Works, Thank God

Richard Lawson · 10/19/10 09:58AM

A casting call has gone out looking for seven people to go work at a Florida nudist colony and have their lives taped, to figure out what happens when people stop being polite and start being naked all the time.

Aging Nudists Defy Gravity

Maureen O'Connor · 08/09/10 01:07PM

[To raise money for a breast cancer charity, 102 British nudists make a bouncy attempt to break the World Record for naked rollercoaster riding at Essex's Adventure Island amusement park. Image via Splash.]

Times Runs Slideshow of Naked Olds

ian spiegelman · 04/26/08 12:19PM

Suday's New York Times travel section has a feature on nudist getaways, which the Gray Lady is calling "Nakations." And everyone in it is old-like really old, like 74-years-old! Shall we have a look?