Nope, That Topless Photo of Rihanna Isn't Real (NSFW)

Jordan Sargent · 11/23/12 03:14PM

Let's take a break from Black Friday and the crumbling of American society. Instead, let's look at an image of a singer Photoshopped so that she appears topless. The singer in question is Rihanna, whose most recent album cover features a partially topless photo of her with various words and phrases scribbled over her body. The image in question is this photo that's been floating around Tumblr since yesterday that purportedly shows the uncensored image used for the Unapologetic cover.

Gaddafi Wife Has a Sexy Picture Scandal, Many Thong Panties

Maureen O'Connor · 10/11/11 11:35AM

Well, look what burbled up in the Turkish blogosphere: pictures of deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son Hannibal cavorting with wife Aline Skaf, who familiarizes herself with "porn star" poses, in flammable-looking lingerie. You'd think all that blood money would pay for nicer panties?

Jonathan Ames' Penis Makes a Small Cameo on Bored to Death

Anderson Evans · 10/04/10 11:08AM

Like a nude Hitchcock, Jonathan Ames made a brief appearance in last night's Bored to Death. He may not have a lot to show off, but for a streaker on cable television his manners are impeccable. [NSFW]

Their breakup may have finalized last weeks episode, but this week Ray (Zach Galifianakis) and Leah (Heather Burns) had been broken up for "three weeks." Ray shows up at his ex's place, but Leah's doorbell is broken, and as Ray has a mixed CD and a comic book to deliver he makes use of his still working key. What Ray finds is his own creator in post coital shock.

Kyle Buchanan · 12/05/08 01:51PM

Flaccid Rankings: In an attempt to rebut the cruel patriarchy of Mr. Skin's women-only list of the year's top nude scenes, The Frisky has published their own Top 10, detailing the best bare men of the year. As a commentary on this year's slim male pickings, two of the winners went nothing more than shirtless, one was onstage, and the winner was Jason Segel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Alas, The Reader continued its nude scene shutout. Old Harvey would have gotten Kate Winslet on this list somehow, even without a penis! The full list, after the jump:

Harvey Weinstein Fails to Nab 'Mr. Skin' Top 10 Berth For Nude Kate Winslet

Kyle Buchanan · 12/02/08 08:25PM

Poor Harvey Weinstein just can't catch a break for The Reader! So far, his pushy campaign to ready the film for awards glory has resulted in the loss of both Scott Rudin and a million-dollar bet, and now his efforts have resulted in further ignominy: Kate Winslet's very naked performance was denied a spot on Mr. Skin's Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008. Could this be an Oscar precursor? Let's hope not, considering who came in first:

Grab A Nip Slip Eyeful Of 90210's AnnaLynne McCord!

Kyle Buchanan · 11/21/08 06:24PM

We'll admit that we stopped paying attention to the new 90210 after they demoted Lucille Bluth, but it appears from these on-set photos that producers have figured out an exciting new guest star for their reboot: the Nip Slip! Our old friend N.S. shared scenes with show lioness AnnaLynne McCord, who we remember fondly for her work on Nip/Tuck (and who probably should have kept her nip tucked here, hey-o). Let this serve as a lesson to McCord: when filming a running scene, a bra (and the occasional hamburger) can provide invaluable support. Click through for the full, uncensored photo.

Natalie Portman's Ex Not Afraid to Show Off the NSFW Bits She'll Be Missing

Kyle Buchanan · 09/26/08 03:15PM

Until their recent breakup, the unlikely pairing of actress Natalie Portman with scruffy, Manson-resembling troubadour Devendra Banhart had people asking, "What exactly does she see in him?" We tried to explain that starlets love themselves some hairy hippies, but still, the naysayers would not be deterred. Now, Banhart may have provided some insight into the matter with the album art for his upcoming side project, Megapuss. Baring all in a very, very NSFW manner, the folk singer shows off what had until recently been the sole property of one Queen Amidala:

Lindsay Lohan Offers To Bare All On Film, Clueless Producers Turn Her Down

Molly Friedman · 04/09/08 01:20PM

Apparently Lindsay Lohan had such a great time stripping down and showcasing her talents in the pages of New York Magazine that she's overly eager to display the full monty in her next role. Set to play a sex-addicted waitress in the upcoming Florence, Lohan allegedly wanted to turn a topless scene into an opportunity to disprove all the Firecrotch rumors for good. Unfortunately for Lindsay and the rest of the world, producers "nixed that idea." Adding insult to injury, the freshly rehabbed star is reportedly only making $75,000 to take her clothes off prove her acting chops in this role. So why did Lohan decide to take this part at all? As a source tells Star:

The Nude First Lady (Of France)

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/08 09:10AM

Carla Bruni, who recently married noted ladies' man Nikolas Sarkozy and became the First Lady of France, used to be a model. A naked model. A nude—and relatively tasteful—portrait of Bruni by the photographer Michel Comte is up for sale at Christie's in April. The press duly reported on the upcoming sale, but there's been an admirable sense of maturity about it across the board. By contrast, imagine the prospect of a nude Hillary Clinton portrait surfacing. Or not. The Bruni photo is expected to sell for about $4,000, but you can see it for free, after the jump. NSFW, although it is art.