North Korea Successfully Launches Shitty Photoshop of Submarine Missile

Ashley Feinberg · 05/20/15 04:56PM

A little over a week ago, North Korea claimed to have successfully launched a ballistic missile from an undersea submarine. Such a launch would have been a major step forward for the hermit country, if it had actually happened. But according to German aerospace experts, the photos supposedly proving North Korea’s technological prowess only proved that, once again, North Korea is shit at Photoshop.

North Korea Telling Diplomats Their Safety 'Cannot Be Guaranteed'

Maggie Lange · 04/05/13 09:44AM

In move that seems to cater the gossip set interested in international relations and possible nuclear war, North Korean officials told Russian officials to consider evacuating the Russian embassy in Pyongyang and also warned the UK, that the safety of their diplomats "cannot be guaranteed." German officials called a meeting with the North Korean ambassador to express their "serious concern."

Global Warming Can Be Cured by 'Small Nuclear War'

Max Read · 02/27/11 10:45PM

How can we fix global warming? (Assuming it's not a plot hatched by public employee unions to force sharia law on the U.S.) One solution, promoted egghead "scientists," would be to stop driving cars and focus on renewable energy sources. But new computer models suggest a much easier, and far more fun, solution: A nuclear war!

Did Someone Lose the Nuclear Launch Codes?

Max Read · 10/16/10 04:29PM

You know how there are some things that you should just never, ever lose? Like your grandmother's ashes, or, say, the authorization codes for the president to order a nuclear strike? Well apparently someone did that a few years ago.