Prince William's Wedding Date Is Set! Pack Your Bags!

Richard Lawson · 11/23/10 10:29AM

It's true. We know where and when the amazing ceremony will be. Will you be invited?? Sit by your mailbox and wait! Also today: Miley Cyrus dares to be a teenager, Sandra Bullock is accosted, and Bristol Palin news.

NPR Recreates Elvis' Favorite (Killer) Sandwich

Jeff Neumann · 09/28/10 06:21AM

Did you know that Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich was fried peanut butter and bananas? Fans say the King added bacon, too. Some NPR reporters decided to recreate "The Elvis," and the first bite got this reaction: "Wow, this is gross."

Boy Band Hustler Needs To Make License Plates Faster

Hamilton Nolan · 07/16/08 12:44PM

Who knew that robbing the Backstreet Boys could have so many financial rewards, on top of the emotional satisfaction? Lou Pearlman, the sleazebag boy band promoter who managed Backstreet and N'Sync, among others, has been ordered to repay $300 million to hundreds of people that he swindled in a Ponzi scheme that played out for decades. But uh, according to our forensic accounting, he might have a little trouble making full restitution: