Kyle Chayka · 02/05/14 12:15AM

After retiring from writing novels in 2012, Philip Roth has felt "no desire to write fiction," he says in a new interview. Having taken up swimming, music, and appreciating nature, he has "barely time left for a continuing preoccupation with aging, writing, sex, and death." It's difficult to make room for all your hobbies.

The Dead Do Not Improve: An Author Cannibalizes His Own Novel

Jay Caspian Kang · 08/16/12 12:30PM

"How much of this book is about your own life?" All novelists, even those who write about horny Centaurs or plasma cannons, have to come up with a standard response to that prickly, earnest question. As someone who has been accused of navel-gazing on the Internet, who has written a few personal essays and now has published a novel in which the protagonist shares many of the same biographical details as the author, I have certainly come to expect it.

Maine Gov's Favorite Highway Sign Stolen, Ransom Note Delivered to Stephen King

Lauri Apple · 06/04/11 01:49PM

Earlier this year, supporters of labor mural-hating, child labor-loving Maine governor Paul LePage honored him by having an "Open for Business" sign installed along a highway in Kittery, on the Pine Tree state's southern border. Almost overnight, all the world's corporations except Groupon moved to Maine. But just before Memorial Day, somebody stole the sign—ruining prosperity and the holiday weekend for everyone.