Baseball Fan Narrowly Avoids Death Diving to Catch Ball

Maureen O'Connor · 07/12/11 11:41AM

Holy crap, not again. Chasing a home run hit at last night's MLB Home Run Derby at Chase Field in Phoenix, Keith Carmickle dove over a stadium barrier and would have crashed onto a deck by right field had his brother and friend not grabbed him in the nick of time:

Jeb Bush for President in 2012?

Ravi Somaiya · 02/02/10 06:20AM

We missed this incredibly worrying account of the (apparently) increasing Presidential aspirations of another Bush over the weekend. As we'd hate for you not to be flushed with fear, here it is now. [McClatchy]

mark · 09/14/07 10:48AM

We're here, somewhere, typing our little hearts out, but server issues might be (read: are) hampering their publication to our internets blogsite. Thank you for your continuing patience etcetc.