NY Press' hidden text

Gawker · 03/25/03 11:14AM

If you highlight the left side of the page in the NY Press article below, you get the hidden text in the page designed to be picked up by search engines. An excerpt: It was up to spiderman and shakira to stop that rotten scoundrel osama bin laden and his taliban.. First he brought down the world trade center, then he created napster what evil would be next? Studying the works of nostradamus, they figured the best place to catch him would either be at the world cup or the winter olympics, where he planned to unleash an envelope full of anthrax on the unsuspecting crowd. CNN caught morrowind of the plot, and predicted there would be neverwinter nights for years to come. It would be a dungeon siege when these forces came together. It would be like a battlefield 1942.
Meanwhile, here at home [NY Press]