Kim Jong-il's Corpse Gets Classic Communist Dictator Treatment

Adrian Chen · 12/20/11 11:34AM

It is written in the official Communist Dictator Handbook that when a leader dies he must be laid out like a meat-and-cold-cuts tray at a regional sales conference. Today mourners paid respects to Kim Jong il's dead body.

These Are the Last Photos of Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Adrian Chen · 12/19/11 04:30PM

When Kim Jong-Il died Saturday he was on a train finishing up one of his frequent "field guidance tours," which are famous on the internet for the surreal photos they produced of Kim looking at everyday objects. Here are photos taken during the last stop on Kim's last tour, about two days before his death.

Kim Jong-il Has Died on a Train

Seth Abramovitch · 12/18/11 10:07PM

Kim Jong-il, the fearsome, furtive, and fashion-forward leader of North Korea, is dead at age 69. This according to a weeping announcer on a "special broadcast" delivered on North Korean television on Monday. The Dear Leader was on a train traveling through Pyongyang during a "field guidance tour" at the time.

North Koreans Working in Libya Are Totally Screwed

Lauri Apple · 10/27/11 06:12AM

Seems that all the revolutionary goings-on in Libya have made North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il a bit nervous. He doesn't really want his people to get any funny ideas, like "oh shit—why do we obey this dude again? He's not even hot."

World's Most Notoriously Unfinished Hotel Finally Opening (Supposedly)

Lauri Apple · 10/11/11 05:16AM

A big, tentative congrats to North Korea, whose infamous Ryugyong Hotel (aka the "Hotel of Doom") is slated to open its doors in April 2012—only 24 years after its groundbreaking, and just in time for the 100th birthday celebration of O.G. Most Glorious Leader on High Kim Il-sung. Sadly, he won't be doing the ribbon-cutting because he died in 1994. But his ghost is expected to haunt and place bugs in some of the rooms.

New North Korean Leisure Cruise Doesn't Look So Leisurely

Jeff Neumann · 08/31/11 07:30AM

The Mangyongbong, a ferry that was previously used to shuttle passengers between North Korea and Japan, is now North Korea's hot new tourist vessel. Yesterday was the Mangyongbong's maiden voyage as a pleasure craft, embarking on a tour of the country's eastern coastline, and North Korea's official KCNA has the details:

Missing Tourist Shows Up with Op-Ed in North Korean Newspaper

Max Read · 08/10/11 07:25PM

Hey, has anyone seen Dutch stamp collector Willem van der Bijl? He went to North Korea in July to buy some of the country's stamps, and his family hasn't heard from him since. Oh! There he is! In the Pyongyang Times, extensively praising North Korean elections in a personal essay!

Another Day, Another Threat from North Korea

Jeff Neumann · 06/03/11 06:50AM

You could spend hours coming up with strong contenders for the title of world's most thankless job, but how about any job that involves negotiating with North Korea? That would have to be up there.

It's Official: North Koreans Happier Than Americans

Ryan Tate · 06/02/11 04:13PM

China and North Korea are the happiest nations on Earth, while people in the United States are utterly miserable, according to a completely objective survey by North Korean researchers. Groundbreaking.

No More Kim Jong-il Target Practice In South Korea

Jeff Neumann · 06/01/11 04:15AM

South Korean soldiers have been ordered to stop using pictures of Kim Jong-il, his daddy Kim Il-sung, and cherublike son Kim Jong-un for target practice after images of the targets surfaced in newspapers there this week. That should really help to restore normal relations between the two countries.

Kim Jong Il Takes China By Storm

Seth Abramovitch · 05/24/11 12:40AM

North Korea's lesbian chic leader Kim Jong-Il just arrived in China. He's there seeking solutions to his country's "chronic shortages of food, fuel and other necessities." (Translation: "Sunglasses shopping spree!")