Rebels Continue Fight as Qaddafi Remains Defiant

Jeff Neumann · 08/24/11 04:42AM

Yesterday, Libyan rebels took control of Muammar Qaddafi's Bab al-Azizya air-conditioned tent compound, and celebrated by wearing his clothes, driving his golf cart, and firing heavy weapons into the air. It was a tactical and symbolic victory, but the six-month-long war is not over. Here's a roundup of some of the latest news out of Libya.

"We Will Strangle Qaddafi’s Troops Tonight," Say Libyan Rebels

Lauri Apple · 08/21/11 09:38AM

Libyan leader/fashion icon Muammar Gaddafi might have to file for unemployment soon, as it seems rebel fighters in his country—emphasis on "his," at least until now—have put down their bongs and taken control of several cities. Now they're gearing up to take over Tripoli, the Libyan capital city. Like, for real this time.

Obama Lays Out His Middle East Policy in Major Address

Jim Newell · 05/19/11 02:32PM

President Obama attempted to reset relations with the Arab world Thursday in a comprehensive speech that positioned the United States and its values squarely behind the democratic uprisings sweeping the Middle East and North Africa and promised aid to help promote economic growth and stability across the region.

The Latest News from Libya: March 21

Jim Newell · 03/21/11 03:10PM

Operation Odyssey Dawn continues! Freedom bombs continue to rain down upon Libya today, while coalition nations try to stave off political divisions back home. A majority of Americans, however, support the creation of a no-fly zone. Rep. Dennis Kucinich would like to impeach Barack Obama. And what does "Odyssey Dawn" mean anyway? Here's your latest update of the news in and surrounding Libya.

Qaddafi Under Allied Attack as Region Seethes

Jeff Neumann · 03/20/11 10:30AM

Yesterday, forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi came under a blistering attack by U.S. and European naval and air forces. Meanwhile, anti-government protests continued today in Syria as U.S.-backed despots violently suppressed those who threaten the status quo. Here's a look at what's happening across the Middle East.

Qaddafi Steps Up Domestic Terror Campaign

Jeff Neumann · 02/20/11 10:58AM

Muammar el-Qaddafi seems to being going with a scorched earth-lite policy of dealing with protesters in Libya — he's allegedly hired African mercenaries to bolster his troops, who have been wantonly killing civilians and shooting people at funerals.

Uprisings Continue Across the Middle East and North Africa

Jeff Neumann · 02/19/11 11:20AM

After killing protesters in their sleep, Bahrain's ruling monarchy says demonstrators can stay in Pearl roundabout and they've offered to hold talks with all opposition members. Yemen is still going off, and Human Rights Watch says 84 people have been killed in Libya over the last three days. Here's a look at what's happening across the Middle East and North Africa.

At Least 24 Killed in Libya Protests

Jeff Neumann · 02/18/11 06:52AM

Human Rights Watch yesterday reported that at least 24 demonstrators had been killed in Libya over the last two days, and some speculate that that number could be much higher. In terms of communication and the availability of reliable news, Libya closer resembles North Korea than many of its neighbors. And besides ordering riot police and special forces to crack down on protests in Benghazi and other cities, Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi has taken a page from the Hosni Mubarak playbook, according to the HRW report:

Political Unrest Spreads to Libya

Jeff Neumann · 02/16/11 06:28AM

Libya's Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi got a taste of the region-wide popular uprisings Tuesday night, after the government there arrested a prominent human rights activist setting off protests in the country's second-largest city, Benghazi. The BBC reports that around 2,000 people took to the streets and threw rocks and molotov cocktails at police, who responded with rubber bullets, teargas and water cannon. "Last night was a bad night," one resident told Reuters.

More Demonstrations Across Middle East

Jeff Neumann · 02/14/11 08:21AM

Following the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, countries all across the Middle East and North Africa are seeing small but growing anti-government protests, proving that the status quo is no longer sustainable. Here's a quick look at what's happening today in the region: