Peanut Butter and Jelly Burglar on the Loose

Lauri Apple · 07/30/11 02:47PM

With so many of America's criminals going the "violent psychopath" route—an overdone schtick if there ever was one—it's nice to hear about a burglar who sounds as though they derived stylistic inspiration from illustrated children's books. This person's even vegetarian-friendly.

North Is Changing Position by Forty Miles a Year

Max Read · 02/22/11 02:49AM

Magnetic north is shifting! The place all compasses point to is moving from "near Canada toward Russia" at a rate of 40 miles a year, "about a one-degree difference in compass direction every five years." This is, of course, a massive pain in the ass for airports, pilots, boaters, and, apparently, turtles, who rely on magnetic north to migrate between Africa and South America. We blame postmodernism and the loss of external truth, and also, the constant movement of the earth's molten iron core. [Sun-Sentinel via Daily Intel]