You Need to Watch Norm Macdonald's Hilarious Old Fake Sully Sullenberger Biopic

Jordan Sargent · 07/01/16 04:15PM

As of today, you can watch the first trailer for the new Tom Hanks-starring, Clint Eastwood-directed biopic of Sully Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who dramatically landed a full jet in the Hudson River in 2009. I’m sure the movie will be decent, but it’s impossible for it to be better than the fake Sully biopic created by Norm Macdonald for Conan O’Brien just a month after the incident.

Norm Macdonald Ends Final Stand-Up Set on Letterman With a Teary Goodbye

Hudson Hongo · 05/16/15 01:00PM

Two of television’s most famously deadpan comedians shared a surprisingly touching moment on Friday, when Norm Macdonald closed his last stand-up set on Late Show with David Letterman with a tearful tribute to the man he called “the greatest talk show host who ever lived.”

Everyone Is a Terrible Sexist In This Saturday Night Live Anecdote

Ryan Tate · 10/19/11 03:07PM

If you ever need to convince someone that show business is a chauvinist boys club, just play them this clip explaining how, sometime in the 1990s, Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels wanted to install a woman as Weekend Update anchor for the first time in a decade, but abandoned the idea after his hero Steve Martin said "some broad" had "fucked everything up" when co-hosting an awards show with him.

Norm MacDonald and Steve Martin Feud Over Twitter

Whitney Jefferson · 03/31/11 09:15AM

On last night's Late Show, Norm MacDonald explained his fight with Steve Martin over twitter—that all began by one misunderstood tweet. At the time, Norm didn't realize a TwitPic was attached to Steve's tweet and that's where the confusion began.

Young Norm MacDonald on Teeth and Growing Older

nightintern · 05/27/10 08:00PM

The brick wall, Norm's blazer, and the crowd keep the clip's look firmly in comedy's past. Norm's jokes remain relevant because of the static nature of the dental care industry and America's aversion to floss.

The Late Night Wars: A Video Chronology (1984-2010)

Matt Cherette · 01/25/10 08:10PM

Last Friday, Conan O'Brien bid The Tonight Show adieu. Jay Leno will reclaim the "King of Late Night" title in March. But to understand the present, one must know the past: here's how we got to where we are now.