Call 911 If You See This Huge-Ass Blimp on the Loose Today

Sam Biddle · 10/28/15 12:47PM

Here’s a metaphor: a remote-controlled, tremendously expensive, basically useless JLENS aerial surveillance blimp has detached from its tether at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. If you see it, call the authorities. Do NOT try to get it down yourself.

Unresponsive U.S. Plane Crashes Off Coast of Jamaica, 2 Reported Dead

Aleksander Chan · 09/05/14 01:18PM

Two F-15 jets were scrambled by NORAD early this afternoon after a turboprop plane flying from Rochester, New York, to Naples, Fla. over the Atlantic Ocean failed to respond to communications. NORAD officials believe the passengers onboard are all unconscious from hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.