Angelina Jolie Tells Jennifer Aniston to 'Back Off' of Brad Pitt

The Cajun Boy · 06/25/09 07:45AM

Angelina threatens Jennifer for frequently texting Brad, Marlon Brando banged Jackie O twice, Lily Allen gets caught with coke in her nose, Victoria Beckham shows off her new rack and Katy Perry posts a nude pic with pizza on Twitter.

Russell Simmons Trades Up

cityfile · 06/25/09 06:09AM

• A new month is approaching, so it's time for Russell Simmons to drop the twentysomething model he's been dating and move on to a new twentysomething model. But there are signs the 51-year-old is maturing: Julie Henderson, age 23, has been replaced by French model Noemie Lenoir (right), who is a positively aged 29. [P6]
• A drunken Jonathan Rhys Meyers was detained by the authorities in Paris yesterday after he punched a waiter in an airport lounge. [Us, People]
• Audrina Patridge is saying goodbye to The Hills so she can take part in a new, Mark Burnett-produced reality show for MTV. [NYDN]
• Ricky Martin did not come out of the closet in an interview with a Spanish magazine the other day. He's still inside. Carry on. [Advocate]