The Nobel People Are Seriously Short on Cash

Hamilton Nolan · 10/16/13 01:17PM

The Nobel Foundation, which has been handing out the world's most prestigious prizes for more than a century, knows a lot of good economists. Maybe they should ask them how to make some money?

Your Economic Nobel Winners: Blame Them for Everything

Hamilton Nolan · 10/11/10 02:21PM

The Way We Live Now: finally being recognized for our brilliance. Winning the Nobel Prize in Economics while the global economy's as shitty as this is a lot like winning Juiciest Cow at the Slaughterhouse. It' honor.

Choire · 10/05/07 08:40AM

The Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced soonish, and the guessing games begin. Folks are leaning towards poets and non-English writers. [Papercuts]