The Nobel Peace Prize Will Not Get You A President Gore

Choire · 10/12/07 08:30AM

In the wee hours, those wizards over in Sweden announced they were giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the U.N. global warming crew. And now everyone is soooo excited that he'll be our next president! The Times (as they have done before) notes that Gore's supporters want him to join the "crowed [sic] field of Democrats" and that though he "lost" the 2000 election (THAT IS A LIE!) he "has said he is not interesting [sic] in running but has not flatly rejected the notion." Right, except when he said, "I have no intention to run for president." And when his spokesperson said "I think he's said it many times, that he has no plans or intention to run for president." Give it up, people! He's the president of the polar bears now!