Hugo Chavez Wants Someone Famous to be US Ambassador

Jeff Neumann · 01/05/11 05:32AM

Hugo Chávez doesn't like Barack Obama's nomination for US Ambassador to Venezuela, Larry Palmer, who suggested that Chávez's administration is basically a drug cartel, so Palmer was rejected. But Chávez has a few suggestions — famous people who like him!

Surprise: Some People Do Not Understand Grammar

Max Read · 07/06/10 10:50PM

Researchers found that some native English speakers were unable to understand the sentence "The soldier was hit by the sailor," indicating that grammar may not be "universal." FYI: It means the sailor (boats) hit the soldier (tanks). [Science Daily]

'Times' Excited By Proper Punctuation

Pareene · 02/18/08 10:59AM

The Times was sooo thrilled to find a vaguely correct use of a semicolon on a subway ad that they tracked down the copywriter (who has a degree in creative writing, natch) and wrote a whole cutesy piece about how rare it is that civilians punctuate properly. Then they asked various famous linguists and grammarians to comment: