Nicholas Carlson · 12/17/07 07:51PM

Famous YouTuber Noah Kalina writes on his blog that a Simpsons writer called to say using the soundtrack from Kalina's YouTube video without paying a royalty was a mistake. Whatever. Here's what we should have said the first time, instead of rambling on about fair use and copyright: Watch this awesome video of Homer Simpson parodying a famous YouTube video. [Noah Kalina. Blog.]

Fox tests fair use in Simpsons YouTube parody

Nicholas Carlson · 12/17/07 12:38PM

Noah Kalina's video, "Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years," has been viewed 7,278,715 times on YouTube. Apparently that's the threshold loser-generated content must cross before warranting a Simpsons parody. Like the one below, which isn't just clever, but also an ironic test of fair use, the broad exemption in copyright law which allows for commentary and criticism.

Doree Shafrir · 07/16/07 11:58AM

Contributing editors at Deb Schoeneman's Hampton Style: sometime Times travel writer Julia Chaplin, Lucky and Paper and Time Out vet Kristina Dechter, UK Observer New York contributor Edward Helmore, former "Topic A With Tina Brown" gal and Radar contributor Sarah Horne, photographer Noah Kalina, Eater king Ben Leventhal, celeb photog'er Patrick McMullan, former High Times editor Annie Nocenti, Daily Candy lass Pavia Rosati, former Glamour blogger Alyssa Shelasky, College Humor honcho Ricky Van Veen, pothead socialite Arden Wohl, Deb's former Observer co-worker Alexandra Wolfe. No wonder everyone loves it so much. [Hampton Style/The Beach]

Noah Kalina: Still Hot

Chris Mohney · 12/27/06 11:30AM

Batting cleanup on this one, but what do you want, more annual retrospectives? Instead, thrill to NYC photog Noah Kalina's recently concluded posting of his "me with celebs" photos, taken for the credit sequence of VH1's "Big in '06" show at December's beginning. Noah's identical nonexpression is always the clincher, though ultimately we think we prefer Flav to Hasselhoff.