The Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached Mashup You've Been Waiting For

Seth Abramovitch · 06/30/11 06:34AM

No Strings Attached. Friends With Benefits. Friends With Strings. Attached With Benefits. Are there any differences to any of these movies? Not really. One stars an overexposed, overconfident pretty boy who fancies himself a high tech mogul, and so does the other one. One features an actress that starred as a prima ballerina in the movie Black Swan, and so does the other one. One is a shitty romcom about falling in love with a fuckbuddy, and so is the other one. THEY ARE THE SAME MOVIE, YOU SEE. Still not convinced? Then watch this video. [via BoingBoing]

The Roommate Kills All of Its Competitors

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 12:11PM

A slow weekend saw the ladies rushing out to the cineplexes to have their fun before football madness descended upon the land and all was boy until Monday.

Ashton Kutcher Is All Your Fault

Richard Lawson · 01/24/11 11:49AM

Cinema's most annoying actor is absolutely your fault, because you keep going to see movies that he is in! Stop doing that! But please keep going to see The King's Speech, because that makes us look good.

What's Opening in Theaters Today

Richard Lawson · 01/21/11 07:18PM

If you're willing to brave the cold this weekend, there are some exciting new movies to see. Choose between Ben Affleck being sad, Colin Farrell being adventurous, Natalie Portman being embarrassed, and someone named Paprika Steen being named Paprika Steen.