Is Adam Lambert Not Gay Enough for the Gays?

Brian Moylan · 11/17/09 02:07PM

Adam Lambert has the difficult task of becoming a megastar while being openly gay. How can he be butch enough for the mainstream but gay enough for his homo fans? He can't, and the gays are fighting back already.

Digg's Fratty News Site Has a No-Homo Policy

Owen Thomas · 05/07/09 12:09PM

If you wanted to imagine a topsy-turvy world where straight 19-year-old jock-nerds ran the media, just visit Digg. The site is so laden with antigay epithets that it automatically censors the word "homo" from headlines.

Dana Milbank's Unfortunate Book Title

Pareene · 01/17/08 03:48PM

Attached, the cover of the upcoming book from the Washington Post's "funny" political writer, Dana Milbank. "Do you have what it takes to be Homo Politicus?" Well, we've spent a bit of time in the Minneapolis airport, but it still seems like a rather person question from a Random House flack. [Homo Politicus]