The Democrats Are Boldly Fighting For a Bad, Stupid Bill

Alex Pareene · 06/22/16 03:20PM

After Democrats in the Senate staged a filibuster in support of gun control measures, their colleagues in the House have begun a “sit-in” aimed at embarrassing Republicans into allowing a vote on a measure that would restrict the ability of suspected terrorists to legally buy guns. The move is fantastic political theater. It’s also a tremendous waste of popular support and activist energy in support of a measure that isn’t just ineffective but also actively offensive.

Meet the 8-Year-Old on TSA's No-Fly List

Maureen O'Connor · 01/14/10 02:33AM

NYT found the mythic third-grader who shares a name with someone suspected of terrorism. (Shouldn't this happen regularly? Kid names and adult names aren't that different.) Read about Mikey Hicks crying during a pat-down, and other disheartening stories. [NYT]