PSA for all da Laaaadies from the NYPD: You Can Go Topless in Public

Caity Weaver · 05/15/13 03:30PM

As temperatures continue to skyrocket into the low to mid-sixties up and down the East Coast, many beautiful and strange-looking women will soon find themselves faced with the eternal conundrum of summer: how to deal with a too-hot boob. Luckily for some, the NYPD is here to remind us that anything goes in New Boob City! Whip off that top. Wipe off that top-colored body paint. Awkwardly unhook that bra with one hand unless the hook is stuck in which case pull it over your head but be careful not to stretch it. You cannot be detained, arrested, or fined for going topless in public in New York.

JFK Airport Workers Accused of Stealing 100,000 Mini-Bottles of Booze

Taylor Berman · 09/12/12 09:17PM

Mini-bottles of booze, or airplane bottles, or, for the purpose of this post, nips are highly underrated. For one, they're inexpensive; Jim Beam should run you no more than $1.50 or so. Two, they're easy to smuggle into bars, making refilling glasses/corner chugging extra convenient. Three, they're easy to drink on the street because (or so I tell myself) everyone will just assume you're downing one of those 5-hour energy drinks. It seems as though 18 workers at JFK Airport are on my level, as they stand accused of stealing more than 100,000 of the nips from incoming American Airlines flights at JFK airport. As Gothamist reports: