Whitney Port's Reality Nipple

ian spiegelman · 05/18/08 03:53PM

The Hills star who isn't Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, was dining at the Ivy in Los Angeles when her wardrobe malfunctioned. If you absolutely must examine a marginally NSFW gallery illustrating every moment of the incident, it's after the jump.

Is Julia Allison Flashing Nipple Here?

Ryan Tate · 03/02/08 08:37PM

I can barely see the faintest outline, and if there is anything I think it has more to do with a powerful camera flash than voluntary exposure. But an email tipster swears Allison, the Star "editor" and Time Out New York dating columnist, is showing a little nipple in this photo in an attempt to take "the next step in attention whoring." Really? If anything, she's just staying competitive in a cutthroat celebrity market. A CSI-style closeup of this critical and very important development after the jump. You are welcome.

Paris Hilton Flashes Nipple To Stay Competitive

Ryan Tate · 02/22/08 08:00AM

Paris Hilton just flashed her nipple at a Hollywod club, and it's not because she was supposedly smoking a joint or about to get it on with actor Simon Rex. It's because Paris will not be left out of a celebrity nudity trend. Sex tapes? She is the queen of sex tapes. Vadge flashes? She taught Britney Spears that move. But just last month Britney flashed her boob like she's some kind of Janet Jackson, and Paris WILL NOT BE UPSTAGED. Here's Paris' nipple, and those that bravely paved the way for it (marginally NSFW):