Watch Mike Tyson Fight Himself in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

Jay Hathaway · 10/29/14 02:20PM

Mike Tyson, of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, was one of the most fearsome Nintendo bosses of any '80s kid's childhood. He hit extremely hard, and it was hard to hit him back. So it's understandable that the real Mike Tyson might be a little nervous to face himself in his 8-bit prime.

French Prankster Remi Gaillard Plays MarioKart in Real Life

Kristina Grosspietsch · 02/11/11 06:30PM

Remi Gaillard continues to pull pranks on an unsuspecting public, this time by bringing MarioKart to the streets. He seems to be on his way to winning the Mushroom Cup... until he has to stop and buy more bananas.

This is What Happens When Ballet Meets Nintendo

Andrew Throdahl · 10/29/10 08:35AM

A ballet based on video games has been created for Svetlana Zakharova, the noodle-limbed star of the Bolshoi Ballet. The result is something that looks incredibly tacky...yet intriguing? Does anybody speak Russian?

Watch a Cat Try to Play Duck Hunt

Whitney Jefferson · 08/30/10 12:54PM

Those of us who had poor aim would stand right next to the TV to play the original Duck Hunt for NES. Hey, wouldn't you know—this cat has the same moves! Watch the video inside.

Nintendo Hacking With Paul B. Davis

Emily A. Farris · 07/26/10 04:34PM

This video maestro teaches us how to hack old Nintendo cartridges. Davis does so for the sake of art, mostly datamoshing. He talks about the technical and political aspects of doing this, which creates interesting proprietary issues for an artist.

How to Play the Invisible Violin Using a Wii Remote

Tim Torba · 07/02/10 12:50PM

Watch this music student from Emory University, who created a guitar hero like violin, perform a simple violin piece he wrote for his music theory class using a Wiimote and Bio-Glove.

Japanese Man Beatboxes Super Mario Music

Matt Cherette · 06/18/10 12:01AM

Nerdgasm! This basically epitomizes cool: a Japanese man named Hikakin uploaded a video today in which he beatboxes the music from Super Mario. Who knew you could rock out to a video game soundtrack? The sure to amaze video, inside.

Battletoads: Pilot

Anderson Evans · 05/01/10 09:30AM

Based on the 1991 Nintendo hit, Battletoads as a cartoon only lasted one episode. Some say it was nothing more than a blatant Ninja Turtles rip off, but Shredder had nothing on the Toads' sexy nemesis, The Dark Queen.

Mario's Internal Monologue

Mike Byhoff · 03/15/10 11:15AM

Check out this hilarious clip of Mario's internal monologue as he races through a level. He just wants to find the princess and get laid...if only the flaming sticks and bottomless pits didn't get in the way.

Super Mario Bros. Played on an 8x8 LED

Mike Byhoff · 03/15/10 10:10AM

This is brilliant in its simplicity. Using only one color on an LED screen and two buttons for move forward and jump, Carnegie Mellon student Chloe Fan recreates the original Super Mario Bros (without any secrets, though).

The Video Game Consoles and Peripherals That Time Forgot

Frank Cozzarelli · 03/12/10 11:22AM

Remember the 3DO? Or the Power Glove? It's easy to forget that the lineage of today's Playstations and Xboxes is filled with so many odd mutants never fit for mass consumption. Here's a look into the awkward, gawky past.

Captain N, The Game Master: Gameboy

Anderson Evans · 02/27/10 10:30AM

Back when everything was 8-bit, kids were always happy to have something to enhance their video-gaming experience. Captain N did just that running from 1989-1991, it featured such old school Nintendo favorites as Megaman, Simon Belmont, and Metroid's Mother Brain.

Jersey Shore: Super Mario Bros. Edition

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 01/21/10 05:23PM

Tonight's finale of Jersey Shore will leave a gaping hole in our cultural quilt, one that can only be filled with endless parodies and reimaginings of those bronzed demigods and their summer of wonder. Here, Mario's gang pays homage.