Watch a Juggalo Wedding Ceremony

Rich Juzwiak · 03/17/14 10:08AM

This weekend, MTV ran a mini-marathon of three episodes of its best show (possibly ever), True Life. Though the episode title "I Want Respect for My Sect"4 seemed to hint at a portrait of militant Mormon fundamentalists, the actual show was even more off the wall (as if that seemed possible before it aired). Instead, it profiled a vampire (who says she was born that way), a furry (but not for "perverted" reasons), and Hannah, the Juggalo woman ("Juggalette") in the clip above, who struggled with the fact that her strict, Christian father did not approve with her upcoming Juggalo-themed wedding ceremony. He was fine with her getting married—he even accompanied Hannah and her Juggalo husband, Jeremy, to a ceremony at City Hall—he just didn't want to take part in the whole Juggalo thing. It wasn't, according to him, a traditional wedding.

Baton-Wielding 'Ninjas' Foil Medical Marijuana Delivery

Emma Carmichael · 03/26/12 04:30PM

A medical marijuana delivery in West Covina, Calif., was foiled early this morning after two men dressed as ninjas and wielding martial arts batons approached a deliveryman and stole a bag of cash and product.

Woman's 'Booty-Call Ninja' Scheme Backfires

Lauri Apple · 06/18/11 10:33AM

Katherine M. Casarez apparently has some sort of "issue" with her former lovahhh. When the ex called her up early Friday morning in search of some of her special sexual stylings, she allegedly dressed up in her ninja suit and went over to his place—but not alone (dun dun dun).

Danny Bonaduce is a Badass Ninja

Bryan Ridgell · 09/13/10 05:30PM

Danny Donaduce has hidden his impressive nunchuck-wielding skills from the world, until now. The video, along with the musical accompaniment of U2, speaks for itself.

Not So Good Ninja

nightintern · 06/28/10 01:30PM

While training to compete on Ninja Warrior this man proves to be more ass than assassin. At least It's better he embarrasses himself over here rather than in Japan.

Australian Ninjas Foil Robbery

Max Read · 05/20/10 01:15AM

Three would-be muggers attempting to rob a German exchange student in Sydney were foiled by, uh, ninjas. You know. Like the turtles. The lesson, obviously, is "Don't mug people outside a goddamn ninja school." [Sydney Morning Herald]

Ninja Strikes, Screams and Scares!

nightintern · 05/18/10 10:30AM

Ninjas in the 21st Century apparently are still stealthy but have become more annoying as opposed to deadly.

Sweatpants Ninja is Internet's Newest Hero

Mike Byhoff · 01/19/10 03:01PM

Please sit down for this. Seriously, just do it. Actually, no, stand up. You will probably need to run away in terror. Because the combination of this kid's sword, his sweatpants, and his awesome mullet, will probably kill you.