Danny Libeskind, celebrity

Gawker · 04/09/03 01:42PM

Daniel Libeskind must be working overtime on PR. He has apparently convinced people in New York that he's the consumate performer, and people in Denver that New Yorkers consider him a celebrity. Wife Nina Libeskind seems to be doing much of the cheerleading: "There's not a single block we walk without someone jumping out and saying, 'Mr. Libeskind, thank you for what you are doing.' Everyone has been nice.'"
A blueprint to normalcy for architect [Rocky Mountain News]

Anti-Libeskind remarks Pt. 2

Gawker · 03/12/03 10:49AM

The Observer's Tom McGeveran does a little follow-up reporting on our March 4 item about a conversation between WTC finalists Stephen Holl and Peter Eisenman about WTC winner Daniel Libeskind and his wife, Nina: "'It's so inflammatory, and it's really not in line with our business or what we're trying to promote,' said a woman who answered the phone at Mr. Holl's office, adding, 'That conversation didn't take place,' before hanging up the telephone." Well, of course it's not in line with what you're trying to promote.
Libeskindling [Observer]